Impossible to split mesh

Pb_split_Mesh.3dm(85.1 KB)

this is the file, on the front view, I placed a ligne to make a split of the mesh.
(because I need to have 2 different colours on that mesh).

But when I have to select the object to split, he doesnt select the mesh…

Any idea? :smiley:


Run the Check command on this mesh. It is not a good mesh. It is also a “disjoint” mesh - mesh parts that are not touching are defined in the same mesh. Try using the MeshRepair wizard on this to see if that will clean up the mesh.

Also, Split and MeshSplit are two different commands.
Tat said, your chances of getting a good Split on a bad mesh are very close to zero.

After further investigation, your mesh is not well-formed. It is made up of an three sections, each having an inside wall, and an outside wall. The distance between the inside and the outside walls are different in each section. The mesh faces between the two walls are nonmanifold - there is more than one mesh face attached to another edge. Use ShowEdges to find these. They need to be removed. I think it would be easier to re-model these objects as NURBS.
Draw a 3pt circle (Circle 3Pt) snapping three mesh points or mesh vertices on the edge of the inside wall.
Extrude the circle to the other end of the cylinder shape.
If the cylinder shape really needs to be a “solid,” OffsetSrf using the Solid option to match the outside cylinder.
It took me about 1 minute to draw each of these.
2392_revision.3dm(252.3 KB)

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Thanks John and Margaret for these very helpfull tipps and explanations :sunny: