How to split mesh into two parts

i am stuck with this mesh splitting, i have tried all kind of solutions… MeshSplit, MeshTrim, ExtractNonManifoldMeshEdge, ExtractDuplicateMeshFaces, Splitmeshwithcurve, Splitmesh (using a plane) nothing works! left with no other options… help is greatly appreciated
mesh 001.3dm (4.3 MB)

Those options all work except when the mesh has faces which intersect each other (self intersection). Upon running the Meshrepair command you can see you have that problem.

So you will need to make this mesh in a way that does not cause those conditions, how did you make this mesh? It is very badly made, everything seems to intersect itself.

i created mesh and applied ts pipe thats it… turn out its pretty bad… so there’s nothing we can do about that issue?

Probably it is better to not join the pipes and split them individually. Or make the pipes in a better way like a node system.

i think the raw mesh has two overlaps and on the process of creating pipe it appears intersection…as we can see in that photo

node system? help…

You know, proper nodes which don’t intersect like you have them.

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alright i’ll check it out… thank you so much for your time and help