Spiral and flow

Hi, I’m trying to flow a Helix onto a rectangular shape. It works great on a round shape but not anything anything else. Any idea how?
Thanks a lot!

how do you intend the helix to look like on the edges?

I need it to run around a wall in the shape attached. So not in a shape of a circle but in a shape of rectangle.

Make the wall into a surface or solid. Place the helix around the outside of the wall (scale up if necessary). Offset the helix curve using the ribbon option to the centre of the wall in plan. Intersect the helical surface with the wall surface to get the desired curve. Delete or hide the bits that are no longer necessary.


I got to the ribbon but how do I now project the spiral onto the walls?

that was already answered

Then select the ribbon and the wall surface.

Thank you so much, it worked like a charm!

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