Spheres turning into wire mode in interior perspective shots

I’ve been doing spheres for my project. However, whenever I enter the spheres and go inside for a perspective shot, everything becomes wireframe from the inside. However, from the outside, it looks solid. For the past few weeks, things have been working fine, but I am severely confused as to why this is happening to my files. Even without booleoning it, it still shows up with a plain old sphere.

Would be nice if anyone knows how to fix this, as I am new to this

thanks :slight_smile:


Check the Backface settings for your current display mode:


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Hello- closed objects do not draw back facing polygons in the render mesh - if you split the speres in two ( Split > Isocurve) so there are two open halves, this should work.


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Hi, thanks for the help! means a lot, since I’ve spent more than a week trying to fix it, didn’t realise something so simple would fix it