Speeding up vray rendering times

I know this isn’t quite a bongo topic, but I feel like some people might have insight when it comes to speeding up render times especially for frames which are repeated or ones that are nearly identical to previous frames. I am using irradiance map. Does incrementally saving it and adding it to the last one speed things up? Any other tips? (those settings are found under irradiance map)

I am using IR map as primary light bounce and brute force for secondary. Are these good options?

You might want to add this question to the Rendering/V-Ray forum side, you might get more answers there.

Yes, incremental map is a very good choice, but if you would like to reduce time more, better to select Light Cache as secondary bounce.
It’s a bit less precise than bruteforce but much, much faster.
Bf it’s calculated from zero at each frame instead Lc it’s calculated once globally for all objects.

Thanks skysurfer! I will try Lc.

I also found these settings for anyone with flickering problems, but deterministic on primary bounce is slower than irradiance map i think. http://api.ning.com/files/esLZpETNQbops7bajz652IrTAcdAWhoB1PkW6Q2yVocG4ceM9Y1rbLmzfRQ3u74wZ-AdWvON5VTQ-m5o70E3WRiRJa4kANh-/BONGOAnimationSettings.pdf