Fly-through animation with Vray 2

Hey everyone, I am looking into animations within Rhino, and came up with this result,

however I still see some undesired flickering. Anyone out there who has mastered this problems?

I followed this tutorial meant for 3ds max:

My steps in detail:

  1. Rendering Light Cache and saving it

hit render

  1. Rendering Irradiance Map

  2. Rendering Final Image

I would be very grateful for your opinions.

For exterior & architectural animations, you need to use two engines that are designed for environments. The IR-Mapping is an approximation and will cause flickering for most scenes; I only use it for interior & studio product STILL shots. So, I recommend (1) Brute Force and (2) Light Cache.

This is all straight from my new Bongo Course which was launched on Friday at Check out all of the details on this course in a prior post there at McNeel.

If no objects are moved IM+LC is fine - enable incremental save for the IM cache helps to save render time. LC flythrough doesn’t work at VfR.