Rendering large interiors is too slow

Was looking for a way to speed up this interior because it is taking over 13 minutes for this one with just some maps.

It is 1920 x 1080 but just too long a render time. I am using for GI light cache for the secondary gi and set the samples at around 250.

There are a ton of small area lights in the scene and I really like the look. I tried a couple of directional lights and then I tried just a dome light but they never cast enough light. I tried them without using GI and with GI.


Hi, Whats your render settings?

Interior rendering should need more more time to do that :sob:

Why is 13 minutes too long? And how many cores are tou rendering at? On only one machine or using network slaves as well?

I have a older 24 core i7 machine which is not a slouch. I think I will have to use an animation program to get this project done in time. I don’t see a way to quickly light this.

24 core i7…? :dizzy_face:

Only way, more time or more machine

Or use faster settings, or render at slightly lower resolution and then upscale.

So you are making an animation, yes?
How many frames?

Are tha area lights glowing through a transparent material? If so try putting the area lights below the “light” and make it into an emitter to just make it look like a real light.

I am mainly to work still image, one image around 3000 x 2000. The time of rendering was 1-3 hours on my old system, which is a 10 nos i7 machine combin. If the an animation used 1280 x 720, 3 mins in 25 frame, need 1-2 days rendering time. :sob:

That’s why you would use network rendering either as a local or an online renderfarm.
Animations take time if you want that quality.
Or switch to realtime renderer and accept the drop in quality and the need for modelling for fast frame rates.