3DConnexion Space Mouse Not Working with 7 SR12

Hi All,

Can someone confirm this? Since updating to the latest SR12 , I’m experiencing issues with the pan and zoom gimbal functionality with the space mouse.

It works fine here. I first set the properties in the 3Dconnexion settings and then used the Rhino command _SpaceMouse _Popup and set my preference

Thanks Martin - I’ll give it a try…

Hi Martin - I checked the 3Dconnexion settings and confirmed that they were working in the utility; however, the (up and down pan) and the (left and right) pan appear to be reversed in Rhino. I then went back to the 3Dconnexion utility and reversed those settings, but still get the same results in Rhino 7. not sure what’s going on…

Hi Martin - I finally got it! Under the SpaceMouse command “Popup_Menu” I switched to “Object Mode”. Thanks

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Something does not seem right with the way the settings work. We can change settings in the 3Dconnexion driver settings and separately through the Rhino _SpaceMouse command. Some people are using just the Space Navigator without the 3Dconnexion driver and the settings within the _SpaceMouse command seem to be targeted at this situation. I’m using two 3Dconnexion mice and two Space Navigators at the same time and I rely on the 3Dconnexion driver.

Long term I think something has to change in the way 3Dconnexion devices are implemented in Rhino.