Space Navigator - High Sierra - Rhino 5 Mac Issue

If I’m having trouble getting to work Space Navigator in Rhino 5 for Mac on High Sierra 10.13.3. I would appreciate any help in figuring out what’s the problem.
I have the Space Navigator and the CAD Mouse installed with the latest drivers on Mac.
The buttons for the SN are working but the controller cap isn’t.
Thank you !

You could publish the settings of the Space navigator (both those on Rhino and those 3d Connexion)


I’ve had nothing but problems since updating my MacBook Pro to High Sierra, mainly with the GPU Nvidia drivers, have no idea if this is related to your mouse issue

Hi Zsimon,

Thank you for your reply. I’ve uploaded two screenshots with the settings in Rhino and SN 3DConnexion.
The two side buttons of the Space Navigator are working in Rhino but the motions with the controler cap are not.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Same here. But I use a Mac Pro 5.1 with a Nvidia GTX660 graphics card. It displays the same behaviour when native Mac OS drivers are installed or Nvidia Web Drivers. Patterns that look like a tetris game appear for example when I use Rhino for Mac. I didn’t have any issues in El Capitan or Sierra.

Have you checked if the Space Navigator works with other programs?


Yes it works with Archicad 21 and the demo software included with SN

With Rhino running, when you restart your Mac and sometimes even when you turn it off and on again, the Connexion 3D Mouse does not work. You must close Rhino and reopen it, then the mouse will work. Have you tried this?