Space Frame - Even divisions

Hello everyone,

I was trying to create a space frame around this shell I have but struggling to divide the surface to equal amounts to create a ‘normal’ looking structure.

Is there any way to subdivide the surface to create a standard panel size throughout. I have looked at using surface subdivide but I was getting the same result with skewed panels and all varying in sizes.

Tom (67.3 KB)

top image is example image.

bottom image is what I have

Again, unsure how to subdivide the surface with points so its more equal.

If you can tolerate a slight change in the shape of your surface, try to use Rebuild Surfacein Lunchbox plugin first and then subdivide it would get a much more uniform panels.

Coool, It worked to a point

but still in this middle section seems to create a much more dense set of curves, anyway to equally subdivide the surfaces depending on distance. I have looked at other topics with similar problems, however because this shape is more complex is brings different problems.

Any ideas would be helpful.