Space for maximize view

I was using Maya before and Space bar was for maximizing views - very useful function. I want it in Rhino also.
I found this page link, but I don`t know how to make it work. Can someone help me with more detail explanation.

[Space to Max view][1]


You want to maximize all the views or only the active viewport?

How to install:

  • Downoad the zip/rar.
  • Extract
  • In there there is another zip/map
  • Extract the rhp.
  • Drag and drop the rhp in your rhino
  • Press space to activate :slight_smile:

Yes it should be working like that, but its not working with Rhino 5 SR7. :( I dont know, perhaps it`s to old version (only for Rhino 5 WIP).
Damn, it looks like I will continue to use Ctrl+M shortcut.

Thanks anyway Jordy.

you can assign an alias to your view ports to maximize-

mine are :
p= perspective (alias is - _perspective cplane world top) this sets perspective viewport to maximize and forces the construction plane to be world top)
f= front (alias- _front)
r= right (alias _right)
t= top (alias _top)
bb= back (alias _back)

I find this is an easier way to navigate then even using the tabs…


Hi @hohkravt,

The web page and plug-in have been updated (Rhino x64 SR7), give it another tryl!