How can I set up a key shortcut for cahnging the mode of the viewport visualizer?

How can I set up a key shortcut for changing the mode of the viewport visualizer?
I mean, clicking the space bar or any orther key like in maya, to change to view
to the top/4view, and etc, without clicking 2 times to the view Icon
I wish I’d made me understood…
Sorry for english…

View>Viewport Layout>ShowViewportTabs
click tab of choice.
Also Hide Viewport Tabs.

I think that I make me not understood,
I make a quick video, taking ad example maya
In maya I can change Viewport click the space bar and go with the mouse the view port that I want
how can I do a similar thing with rhino?
using the space bar or another key + mouse diriction?

Hello - one way is to use the viewport context menu you can add these commands:

Result when you right click and hold in the viewport with no objects selected:


Alternatively, you can add the same commands to the PopUpMenu:

And then in Options > Aliases or Options > Keyboard add this macro:



Then the f4 key will get you this:

Does that help at all/


Thanks, But I have still a problem…
from the command bar:
Unknown command: _SetMaxViewport

Sorry! SetMaximizedViewport


thanks… but It request the name of the interessed view if I use the setmaximizedviewport…
so I think is more speedest to use the standard way…
but anyway, anyone know any speedest way to do the same thing?

Hi, sorry, I am just making a mess of things for you - I’ve got two commands jumbled - the one to use to set the current viewport to maximized is MaxViewport

Apologies - I tested the first macro but not the second one before posting.