Simulating data with colored meshes

I am trying to simulate waves in Rhino with existing data points (about 50000 points per frame) where the color of a point is determined by a certain pressure value.
This worked well with points in PointClouds, but I want the wave to look more solid by using a mesh for example.
My current method is very expensive so the simulation is not smooth. Here’s the code that colors the mesh vertices in each frame:

            int i;
                for (i = 0; i < newMesh.Vertices.Count; i++)
                    var currentMeshPt = newMesh.Vertices[i];
                    int ind = ptcloud[currentFrame].ClosestPoint(new Point3d(currentMeshPt.X, currentMeshPt.Y, currentMeshPt.Z));
                    int color = colorValues[currentFrame, ind];
                    newMesh.VertexColors.SetColor(i, Color.FromArgb(1, color, 0, 255 - color));

I’m new to developing in Rhino so I’m wondering if anyone knows of a better method to manipulate mesh colors?

Use RTree or at least parallel for.