Sorting surfaces

NYH crv.3dm (1.3 MB)
I am new to grasshopper and i believe I use it in a very “ruff” way, and Iam sorry about that…
Iam trying to make straight and rounded panels in a given size following a curve.
In the Z direction I can use array linear with the panels height as interval but in in the curve direction it is harder.
I tried Array crv but it is not possible(?) to set a interval with this component in GH so I went for divide length and extracted cut lines. This leaves a leftover surface at the end ( unless the curve exactly matches the interval)
I have tried to sort the surfaces by area but I get stuck when I try to pick the matching surfaces.
I really have lack of knowledge about programming , lists and data tree and I suppose theres a fancy way to do this panel wall.
I would really appreciate some help!


NYH (11.4 KB)

This series will get you up to speed on lists and data trees