Sort elements along a curve

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I have a surface that I split with the split surface component using the curves coming out of a contour.
As you can see the way it’s enumerated here, they are ordered in a strange way with something happening at both ends.

I was wondering if anyone can help me out re-ordering these surfaces using the sort component, using the directionality of the surface or one of the top or bottom edges, so it could be sorted like this:

Here’s the GH file: (28.5 KB)

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missing (16.7 KB)

By the way, Contour is giving you (and me) 32 contours instead of 16, a recent bug that has been fixed.

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Here’s a different method that uses Sort Along Curve (AlongCrv). It sorts the edges by length to get the longest edge, then divides that evenly using PFrames, which are used by Brep | Plane (Sec) to find the splitting curves. Finally, the same edge is used by Sort Along Curve to sort the split surface fragments and their center points. Their bottom edges are all the same length. (19.1 KB)

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Perfect, thank you so much! I like the Pframe approach.