Sorting surface area by size in GH

Hi everyone,

I’m new to grasshopper. I am trying to sort the surface area by size using gh. At the moment, I manage to sort the area in list by panel. (in the grasshopper window)

Is it possible to use gh arranging the surfaces visually instead of numerically in ascending order like those grey surfaces?

Thanks so much!!

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Oh man, you’re a genius!! Thanks for the help!

But I’m wondering what value B in Sort List is sorting?

The Sort Component has the ability to add additional input, all sorted synchronously. So the initial key is the Area, A is the center point, B is the geometry. All sorted by the original numeric value of Area.

You could just put the geometry into A and generate a center point after. The important thing is that you are working with similarly sorted info.

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Thank you so muchhhh!

Just the last question: I’m actually trying to sort the massing area on a map, which has some 200 buildings.

Instead of showing it as a list which is a bit too long, when I try to graft Y to make it a gird, the surfaces just repeat themselves. Is there a way to make it into a grid form?
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There are a number of ways to accomplish this, most depending on what you are trying to specifically achieve.

Here is an example of separating the items by specific sizes, then placing them on a grid accordingly.

Re area to (9.8 KB)

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thanks @Rickson ! This’s awesome!