Sorting points of mesh faces

im trying to sort these mesh faces’ points so i can build triangular faces that covers the half of each half like the diagram in the grasshopper screnshot but i couldnt any help please!! (38.9 KB)

Hi Amir

What happens when the meshes cross each other and have different patterns.

The diagram is an orthogonal grid, but the mesh is more of ellipsoidal one were the mesh squares cross each other

is there anyway we could make it like a grid like in the diagram? doesnt really matter the center when they cross!

Well since the grid changes the orientation will change

Or you want to impose an orthogonal grid on the elliptical surface (36.3 KB)

Using the planes on the surface and aligning them to X as per this script you can get closer to what you want

There still a bit of problem here : they start perfectly but at the red circle they switch! is there anyway to fix them?

with a bit of trigonometry, a closer result, but still not perfect
(while a better result is possible via examining mesh topology, a perfect result is not possible because of the topological ambiguity) (32.9 KB)

works in rhino8

thanks sir but thats still not what i m looking for is there anyway we can achieve a perfect grid like system ?


here’s why

let’s start with 3 sides of a box → they look ok when unrolled

if you bring the box back together, you’ll see they cannot align

great! understood! then how is it done in this building then?

it’s because it’s a single deformed (and trimmed) surface

your algo creates this

what you need is this

so basically, you need another way to create the surface (rail revolve won’t do) and another way to divide it (quad remesh won’t do

thanks sir! do you know any way i can achieve the same thing as the building shown in the pic?

start by figuring out how to construct a regular surface like this

that when you trim it gives you the intended shape

you basically need 4 boundary curves and a bunch of sectional profiles, which you can sweep, loft, or networksrf

@amir_kharrat just to illustrate on your reference

@amir_kharrat here’s such a surface
amir_surface.3dm (546.9 KB)


and here’s the gh definition based on that surface (56.8 KB)

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perfect sir! thanks alot!!

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what command did you use to construct the surface out of these 4 curves?

no command. i constructed the curves manually
then sweep2

how did you get the surface?