Sorted point list to text


I am trying to get a list of points that has been sorted to appear as text that can be baked, and as outlined curves with the Wombat plugin.

The text has been sorted according to distance to a point placed in the corner, and with the point list it works, however when using the method of, List Length and Series, (which worked on a flat definition), it seems to loose the composition of the sorted list. Is there a way to put this into text in this order?

Also on a side note, is it possible to place wombats text outlines in the middle of the plane since it doesn’t have a justification option?

Thx (143.2 KB)

That’s because you didn’t sort the list of base planes out. Check the attachment. (142.0 KB)

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I used standard GH Text Tag 3D instead, which can be baked.

You needed to sort the surfaces along with the centroids, then align the planes toward the focus point using Vec2Pt (white group) and rotate 90 degrees. (146.9 KB)

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Thanks so much to both of you, both methods work very well!