Sort points - making diamond cells

Hello everyone! I’m looking for a method to sort points that I get from the intersection of several circles as I generated in the attached definition. I changed the curve degree in 1 in order to have segmented circles.
Basically I’d like to obtain the blue diamond cells highlighted in the picture below. The number of intersection circle can be change and the number and dimension of cells change consequently.
Many thanks for your help!Sort (6.8 KB)

A little rough way, but it will not be a problem to get the results you want. Take a look at the attachment. (12.3 KB)

Many thanks for your help!

Hello HS_Kim!
After a bit of experimenting with your definition, I’m have trouble related to the amount of time the Surface Split takes.
I tried to find alternative solutions in terms of amount of time but I didn’t find any good reasoning about it.
Any other suggestions?

That’s why I told you it’s a rough way… If you don’t mind to use mesh and well known plug-in “Weaverbird”,
you can use Wb mesh fr Lines(Wb Weave)component which allows you to save calculation time… (21.4 KB)

As you can see in my screen grab, my cluster component for multiple curve shattering consume more time than surface split.

If you can maintain the division count to always “Even Numbers”, then you don’t have to use that cluster.

Got a solution that’s working with points and data structures, might be faster than working with surfaces. you can have other rows of diamonds by modifying the paths in the last part. Have a look :wink:

Sort (14.1 KB)

Yes, I got it. Thanks HS_Kim for the improvement!

Thanks Aidin! I’ll explore a bit your data manipulation!

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