Again data sorting issue (138.6 KB)

Just wanted to make grass, stuck in arranging points, can anyone help for sorting of points, any type of partition/sorting is okay as long as points don’t exist haphazardly
index sorting not working

I’m not quite sure I understand the question…

If the problem is about the organization of the points, here is a better organized version, but keep in mind that there is never an absolute best organization for data… It always depends on many things.

In your version, you were sorting by XYZ… but in your case you should either use polar Phi values to sort, or build the points in a better way in this context (what I did). (27.3 KB)

Let me know if it solves you problem or not !

Edit : On a general note, you are better of creating the right amount of items in the first place, than rely on some sort of remove duplicate points, as it usually change the indexes of some points. It sometimes is necessary, but in this case I cull the last value for rotation, which would have produced the same output as the first value, creating duplicate points.

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understood, i have to keep it simple

Have a look at this: (13.3 KB)

I deleted everything that wasn’t related to your original question.