Sort point vs image sampler

Hello, I have a problem with the “image sampler” that doesn’t want to be fixed on the surface. It is mirrored and shifted. I had a superposition of points that I removed by “cull duplicates”. But this has shifted the image… Do you have any suggestions for solutions?

Sort point with image sampler.3dm (66.7 KB) Image Sampler & Sort (87.6 KB)

You want reverse your surface’s “v” direction? See red group.

Image Sampler & Sort (86.5 KB)

yeah :slight_smile: thx. I found another way to reverse it through the “reverse surface”. The problem is the reorganization of the points. I wanted to have a square grid for with 4 points + the center. But this projects an overlay of points and an irregularity of the number sequences… Anyway, to solve this in the meantime, I used “hexagon cells”.