Sort or lost plots/rectangles by ratio/proportion

Hey Guys,

Can anybody help me with following problem.

I have a designed city layout with streets and plots. I want to list the plots in different categories.
I was already able to sort them by the number of edges they have and by their size.

I now want to sort them as well by the ratio, comparing the length and width of the different plots. For example that all plots with the ration 1:1 and 1:2 go to one list and the other ones to another list.

Do you know a component or a plugin that can do such things?

Many thanks for your help!


Can you give an example for your definition of a plot?
Uploading a gh file together with your question is also the fastest and most reliable way to get help on this forum

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How’s this? Assumes ratios are always integers or their inverses and the lots are rectangular.

I realized i needed a sort so the grouping was independent of selection order.

lot (14.4 KB) (11.9 KB)

street (241.3 KB)
Seriti-Map-Rhino5_FINAL.3dm (2.2 MB)

This is the gh file!

I forgot to upload it, sorry for that!

I don’t have all your plugins, but this looks ineffective:

May have a look at this, there was a similar problem:

Btw: always internalize data, nobody needs to download two files and nobody has you picture safed on your desktop. (Don’t know if it’s relevant for the missing plugin.)

Do you have the same ratios in your file or are the rectangles more or less random? So the exact grouping like Ethan or me doing on integers won’t work. If you have decimal numbers etc, you could round them or use find domain to group for example ratios from 1:2.0 - 1:2.9 and 1:3.0 - 1:3.9 etc.

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General GH rule to keep in mind. If you are ever in the position of having to use ctrl+c then ctrl+v (copy/ paste) any group of components, you are 99% of the time using GH incorrectly. (there is some rare occasions it is acceptable)