Sort material table rhino6

Hi Pascal,

Would there be some python or rvb script that could sort material table by a-z in rhino6.

I am not able to upgrade to rhino7 yet as I know this is a feature in the next release.


Thanks for the support, Arkadius.

Hi Arkadius - are you asking about the material panel?

I do not know of a way to affect that panel’s display with a script - it might well be possible, but I don’t see how to do it right now.


Okay thanks Pascal, yes I am talking about the material panel, as I would like / need to sort the material panel items alphabetically, which is a limitation in rh6.

If you can think of anyway, or if there is anyone at McNeel who can share / create a script to do this, please share / tag them in this thread,

thanks, Arkadius.