List Materials by name

I hope that I’m missing a simple thing, but I can’t figure out how to list all layers by name? It is useful that I can move up/down individual layers, but I’d really like to organize layers by name (using numbers as well)

Aren’t you just describing the Layer panel?

Did you mean sort layers by name?
You can do it from the panel John has shown by clicking on the column text (in this case “Name”) to have layers sorted alphabetically ascending, or click again for descending.

Sorry, I don’t know why I was saying layers. I meant to say material lists.

There is a Materials panel that lists all the material definitions in the 3dm file, used or not.
The panel supports List, Tree, and Grid lists, as well as Used. Unused, and All materials.
I don’t see a way to order the lists.

In V7 you can manually drag the layers around. I don’t see that working in V6.

You can sort materials alphabetically


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Is that Mac version? I have v6 on Windows, and it doesn’t have that option.

in V6 Windows, I can manually drag material lists. I’m baffled however I cannot find a way to alphabetically sort materials.

It’s WIP 7
and yes on the Mac here, but have you checked the WIP on Windows?
I’d be surprised if it’'s not there…


I used WIP 7 for Rhino.Inside.Revit. But I’m still down save it to 6 after exporting Revit model in order to use Enscape rendering.
But it’s good that WIP 7 can sort materials by name. I’m a bit shocked it took until Rhino v7 to get that feature.

Not really. Every couple of releases, the rendering subsystem is tossed and replaced in it’s entirety. Yes, Rhino still has “rendering” but it’s very different each time.