Sort Split Surface

Hi Guys,

Cant seems to find a way to sort split surfaces.
Basically I need sort them based on angle of points I used to created contours.

I need a branch of surfaces with angles 0-10 , 10-20, and so on. So I don’t have to manually sort them in Rhino after the bake.

R (260.6 KB)

This kinda thing

Still fighting with this problem, Could be great if anyone have any idea how to approach it.
Thanks guys

Contour curves have nothing to do with steep angles.

For a rough result do this:
– convert to mesh;
– find normal for each face center;
– sort/dispatch (or make subsets) by angle of that vector to Z vector.

Thank you (230.4 KB)

Something like this.
It convert the surface into a mesh, and then split the besh by “angle-steps” into smaller meshes.
(Disjointed meshes of the same “angle-step” are in the same, single, mesh object)