Contour creating duplicate curves

When I use the contour component, I end up having duplicate curves.

I am not sure why it is making duplicate curves.
Has anyone else expereinced this?

Visually, it shows 2, but its actually 4 of them, as per the panel shows.

Edit: I tested this with my Rhino 6 and it creates no duplicate curves. Seems to only make duplicated with R7

yeah, also happening to me on v7 SR23 (7.23.22263.3001, 2022-09-20)
it’s a bug that started somewhere a couple of months ago, but -weirdly enough- not everyone is affected by it… for some users it still works perfectly on v7

I’d go with Brep|Plane intersection, which computes pretty fast


There’s fix that will be in next weeks service release (7.24)