Minor Bug with Polyhedron Plugin in Grasshopper

I found a small bug with the Polyhedra plugin for Grasshopper. In the Rhino plugin, Polyhedra lists the members of each category in “regular” alphabetical order:
<polyhedron_name> 1
<polyhedron_name> 2
<polyhedron_name> 3

But in Grasshopper, it lists the items in each category in, what I’ll call, “annoying” alphabetical order:
<polyhedron_name> 1
<polyhedron_name> 10
<polyhedron_name> 11

<polyhedron_name> 2
<polyhedron_name> 20

It’s not a big deal. I could sort and rearrange as needed, but it is annoying to explore different polyhedra in a category and have the face/vertex count jump all over.

Anyway, thanks Dale for a great plugin!


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Hi @matsys,

Thanks, I’ve made a note to fix this next time I am in the code.

– Dale