Ribbon categories sorting (NOT layout customization)

Issue: my company has several GH plugins. The plugins are all created within my company and contained in certain Categories, or tabs. We would like to see all our plugins (the Categories) next to each other in the ribbon. They just need to be next to each other, it does not matter if they are at the start, middle or end of the ribbon.

In order to do that, the idea was of naming them like: ABC_Name1, ABC_Name2, etc.

Without getting in the problem of layout customization (I’ve been following the topics on that, and I know that’s currently not implemented), what is the rule that GH follows in placing the Categories? Is an alphabetical order ever taken into account? Do they follow a .dll loading order, or a .ddl creation date order, or a combination of those?

The plugins are programmed by different people in my organization, so while I can enforce a naming convention for the Category, I have no control on the .dll creation date (i.e. they might get different Date Created or Date Modified).

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