Sometimes I cannot pick the polycurve by ExtractSubcurve Command

Sometimes I cannot select the polycurve by ExtractSubcurve Command .

When I encounterd this, I use Explode command, then Join command , after that, I can select it.

That was not good very much , for time consuming.

Hi Katsu- please post an example of this and we can take a look. You might also try SimplifyCrv when ExtractSubCrv fails and see if that works any better.



Hi, pascal. Thanks.

I attached the file that contains only one Polycurve.

ExtractSubCrv does not work well to this polycurve.

But it does work well after SimplifyCrv or Explode-and-Join.

ExtractSubCrv.3dm (48.3 KB)

Hi Katsu- Rhino does not see that as a polycurve- use the What command to check it - until SimplifyCrv is run in it,


Hi Pascal,
Thanks, I understood.
But how about In ExtractSubCurve command , Copy the polycurve , SimplifyCrv it internally if it is necessary?