What is the command to extract a piece of a curve?

I am looking for the command to extract a piece of a curve.

ExtractSubCurve is kind of what I’m looking for but it is cumbersome to have to click on every little piece of subcurve individually.

I would like to ctrl+shift+drag a curve and then extract the selected subcurves.

Hi Simon -

Once you’ve selected the subcurves that you want, you can use Copy with the Inplace option to create a copy of those.

Hi @simon9
This seems to have been fixed/changed for V8, although I’d wish for the copy=yes/no and join=yes/no switches to be scriptable even with pre-selected sub-objects, exposing them together with the “Select polycurve for subcurve extraction” prompt.
For now you have to:

  • Run the command with no pre-selection
  • Select a curve to extract segments from
  • Set your switches
  • Select at least one segment
  • Complete the command
  • Undo…
    just to make the switches stick with pre-selected sub-objects :dizzy_face:

And if you set the switches to copy=yes and join=yes, as you complete the command with pre-selected sub-objects, both the original segments and the resulting copy are selected. Surely that’s not the intended behaviour? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Actually I never really understood why you have to select a curve to extract the segments from? Why cant we just select segments from any given polyline/polycurve, in stead of limiting the selection to one single entity?

Seems like the command could do with a tune-up, no?


I am still using Rhino 6. I also think it would make sense to be able to pre-select any given number of segments and then run the ExtractSubCurve command.

Thank you, I will try this as a workaround