Something's screwy with displaying object UserText thru formula

I’m using rs.EditBox to assign user text to an object. And I get that extra new line after first one for some reason.


I blame usertext?

@brian Is that something incredibly hard to fix? I think this bug got introduced in this:


Before that our drawings were fine.

If the multi-line text was added in 6.14, usertext will display it properly.
6.15 and 6.16 will not.

In case the silence is getting too deafening, I thought you might like to know that I can confirm the presence of this bug.

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Confirm this behavior as well. Interestingly, replacing the line breaks with ‘\n’ seems to ‘fix’ it for the leader extraction. Might be a workaround, but it changes the newline scheme in the user text, so it may be dangerous further downstream.

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DescrText = DescrText.replace("\r", “\n”).replace("\n\n", “\n”)

This is gonna break something down the road, but I’m gonna roll with it for a time being. Thanks for a workaround!

That is an interesting way to do it. I used .splitlines() and a loop:

replaced = ''
lines = DescrText.splitlines()
for line in lines:
    replaced += line + '\n'
return replaced.strip()

Yours is probably faster!

@Alain @lowell did you see this thread?

I’ve investigated and logged the issue.

in 6.17 it’s even screwier.

that’s pretty cool actually… it’s automatically translating to redneck so the guys building it will know what it means



I’ve investigated abit more and I think all our descriptions are broken, 'cause rs.EditBox was broken all this time. That’s why I get that.