Latest update usertext doesn't work!

Hi, after the last update (rhino 6) that popped up today, adding usertext to an object doesn’t work anymore.

What to do??

Hello - I see that, thanks.
@Trav - fyi… confirmed in the latest sr15, here.
@thomas84 - it does work using SetUserText


Okay thanks!

Hmm, so we should not update. I’m glad I’m using sr12 :slight_smile:

Hello - the problem turned up in the 6.14 release candidate- as far as I can see SR13 does not have this bug.


Alright, can I go back to SR13?

Hi Thomas - yes - you’ll need to uninstall SR 14 from the Windows control panel and then install from



RH-51298 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

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