Text Line Breaks

Very small but also particularly annoying problem with Text fields in R6.

Before I complain: I love every other text improvement that has been implemented in R6! Seriously, this made me so happy.

Ok, back to my complaint: For some reason some line breaks (when you resize (or wrap) the the text to fit by the bounding box) retain the space before the word that goes down to the next line. This results in the text no longer looking aligned, and happens on both right and left justified text blocks. The only way to defeat this bug when it appears is to add a hard line break.

See attached image of the text input window and the text that it is controlling. The space in front of “WALL” should not be there. That said, the break that is controlling “STRENGTH” is working correctly (and is not a hard line break.

What gives?

I think that only happens if you manually add the returns.
If you just type and then drag the boundary after the fact, then the words “swim” without the line feeds as they are not there.

If you add them manually, you’ll need to remove them manually.

Well, that is how it should work, but not how it is working.

I am all about wrapping text and not adding returns (line breaks) that should not be there, which is why this bug is bothering me so much. I can easily add a return and “fix” the problem.

To be clear: if i had put a line break before “WALL” I would also have had to include a space to get it to display as it is displaying, and as you can see in my text input field there is no space before “WALL”.

Than you’re doing something different than I am.
Can you please post a file that shows this issue?

There have been some changes in this behavior between V5 and V6 to accommodate the new text tools in V6.

No problem @John_Brock. I appreciate you looking at this.

Now that you mention it this is from a file created in R5 and then worked on in R6. In R5 I had the “Wrap” box checked and it had no line breaks (besides after “NOTE:”).

Text Problem.3dm (33.0 KB)

It also occurred in new text block created only in R6 within this file.

That was an accommodation we had to make when upgrading a V5 file to V6.
The wrapping changed.
We decided it was better to open a V5 file and keep it looking the same initially instead of stripping out the feeds and spaces.

New text made in V6 will not have this problem.


I am not sure I understand. I have created new text in R6 only files that exhibits this same bug.


If you make text in v6 and don’t include any hard returns, then you drag out the width grip wider than the text string, the text will become 1 line on the screen.
If the text has hard returns, they will not be removed by dragging the width point.
Are you saying you see something different than that?

We haven’t been able to duplicate that with text made in v6.
Can you post an example?