Some blocks not fully visible in "Hidden" view since update

Hey all, today I updated VisualARQ to the latest version to see what’s new. It’s my first update since February’s version 2.10, but now I have a display issue.

I have viewport (or detail view as they call it in Rhino) set to the Hidden display mode. Everything in the view is made out of 100% embedded blocks and all parts are Closed Solid Poly-surfaces, lines & points. I gave the file to my staff to see if the error was the file itself and they all have the same issue on a PCs running VisualARQ updated in early September.

This is the viewport in the new VisualARQ versions. You’ll see that there is some handrail missing next to the posts on that deck. There is no difference between the handrail that is showing correctly and the ones that aren’t except the length of the handrail’s tube.

This is what it looks like in version (2021/02/19) and is displaying correctly.

I took the second screenshot after downgrading again to 2.10. Any ideas what causes this or how to fix it?

Is it because we the file was created in an old version and opened in a new version? (If so I’m worried about the issue of maintaining documents on long term projects.)

Hi @wortley.jb,
There should be no differences in what you see in that viewport using VisualARQ 2.10 or 2.11. Acually, in the most recent version the result should be always better.

The geometry inside that viewport is a 3D model view or a 2D Section View? In the second case, try to set the Tolerance (in the Section View Properties panel) to a higher value, then update the view with the vaUpdate command.
If you can share that 3dm file it would be helpful (here or to

Hi Francesc,

No, this is a 3D model. I’ve just upgraded again to try and troubleshoot. All parts are regular non-VisualARQ blocks. Blocks are embedded. Deleting some sometimes fixes the issue, but makes new issues appear.

You’ll see here that even in model space with all section cuts deleted, setting the all the views to Hidden, I get the same issue. I’ve messed around with the parts, pressed undo and now other pieces are missing.

In the front view, you can also see that the seam lines for handrail’s cylinder extrusions are visible for some reason. I don’t remember if I could see them in the earlier version, but when printed the seams are not visible, so no problem here:

The disappearing parts do print as missing however:

As for your advice here,

I couldn’t find this setting. Are you able to guide me as to where to look for this?

I’ll send a copy of the file.

Hi @wortley.jb I got your file, thanks! It’s such a strange error. I’ve reported it to VA developers.

You can ignore this. It’s a property of Section View objects, but in your case it is not relevant, since it affects the real-time views.

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This appears to be fixed in the latest update I was sent for testing. Thank you!

Hi Franscesc,

I believe this is one of the issues i am experience as well in the latest va update. see sysinfo.
Blocks disapearing in 3d views.
Village_Joinery_concepts_Mobile_Impulse_JD 05_.3dm (6.6 MB)

sysinfo.txt (3.0 KB)

Hi @lukehickmandesign I can see some blocks in your file, and some others missing from an external file.

Which blocks are disappearing? can you provide some screenshots or more information?