Solving a Soma Cube

I need help with solving a soma cube in Rhino/grasshopper. So, I have a solved soma cube modell in rhino and all the parts for solving it next to it also as models. How can I show, that those parts can all fit in the soma cube and make an animation, showing how they fit?

Put your cubes (i.e. boxes) into a DataTree where each branch contains all the pieces for a given Soma module. Then access branches via a slider (0 to branchCount-1) and animate that slider (for pos 0 branch 0, for pos 1 branches 0,1, for pos 2 branches 0,1,2 …).

Other than that if you are familiar with coding this is a good Soma article:

Also (if you like P):

Are you asking how to create an animation form zero in Grasshopper?

Use Google and search for other topics on this forum and while you are at it watch some tutorials.

There is an upcoming course for animating in GH.

Having said that, Rhino and Gh are not animation software. But probably it will be enough for what you need.

I think that he’s after a simple display aggregation of the items on hand (easy using a slider that yields a collection up to max branch (case Tree) / max item (case List)) .

For instance and for a general Soma “like” case:

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This could also be done with for instance Wasp. You’d need to provide it the initial geometries and connections though (or generate those beforehand).