How to animate without a slider in grasshopper?

Hey there,
I am quite new to grasshopper Kangaroo. I have transformed a surface into a piece of textile hanging in some points with the BouncySolver from Kangaroo. I only have a reset button or a toogle with true/false i can insert, to make the textile start relaxing. I really want to animate this transformation, but i don’t know how without a slider, where i normally right click and then say “animate”.
Any suggestions how to insert the slider when there is no point for plugging it in anywhere in the bouncysolver?
Or some other way to animate?


You have too options both with slider.

There is a zombie solver that you can animate by putting slider into iterations input.

And there a solver with kangaroo and small animation logo, that solver runs small steps once the slider event is made.

Both options would work for you.

Lastly you can capture your desktop.

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Sorry for late reply, but thank you so much!