[Solved] Using Blender after Bongo?

Hi @nathanletwory, you got me thinking, what do you import in blender in order to continue working on your scene after Bongo?

This is concerning your answer here:

I used Bongo for a few things, I found one bug and I failed using IK on a few tasks, but that’s that. I wish to explore more capabilities and use cases since I already own a license.

Oh, I import only the final frames from Bongo. I love the video (sequence) editor, and the great compositing and color correction facilities.

I haven’t done anything beyond that to have the two integrated - not enough time to have that much fun :slight_smile:

For the future I’d like to have Rhino create multilayer EXR files for frames. In theory it is possible, but the dots need to be connected to actually write out those files.

In the further future probably render layers will be a nice addition - who knows…

:slight_smile: I’d like to see fluid flow simulation inside bongo/rhino. There’s one tutorial for blender where you put topping on a donut, I’d like that in Rhino :wink:

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I did that in one case, where I exported the Rhino object that I wanted to have covered in honey, did the fluid simulation in Blender and picked the result I wanted. That I brought back into Rhino.

Maybe a bit of a workaround, but indeed possible.

what filetype did you use? obj?

Yes, it was OBJ

some time ago, I was still with Rhino4 and I had to do an animation of ship cover opening and truck coming out. Then I didn’t even know about Bongo, and Blender saved me :).
I remember using OBJ after trying a bunch of different ones.