[Solved] Rhino 7 showing "new in V6" instead of V7

Hello everyone.
Recently I upgraded my Rhino 6 educational to 7.
In my home PC it all went good, I have both 6 and 7 installed and they work just fine.
In my office I also downloaded Rhino 7 and installed it, but there is some problem:
In the tab bar there is “new in V6” instead of “new in V7”
Here is some picture:

I uninstalled Rhino 6 and Rhino 7, cleaned my PC junk files and regedit, restart my PC, and then install Rhino 7 again.
The problem remains the same.
The grasshopper shows version 1.0.0007 but comes with all new feature components.
The subd can be accessed only by menu or commands. I can not find toolbar and buttons anywhere.
Does anyone happened to know what caused this problem?
Thank you very much!

Oh I think I got the answer in another post:
I did a toolbar reset and problem solved! There also come the “subD” tab.

I hope this can help others.
Thank you anyway!