Rhino 7 UI Gets Rhino 6 Menus

Working with Rhino 6, Just installed the release version on Rhino 7, when 7 is loaded i get Rhino 6 menus in a Rhino 7 platform, uninstalled R7 tried to open my Rhino 6, didn’t load… did a repair, R6 works.
reinstalled V7 again, same issue, Rhino 6 Menu in R7 platform.
Attached screenshot.
Help ?

Have you tried the ToolbarReset command?

Toolbars, not menus. The menus are V7 (you have SubD in there)
Looks like you somehow referenced your V6 .rui file from V7. Don’t know how that happened, there could be a number of explanations.

When you go to Options>Toolbars, what is the file you see referenced in there?

Solved ! Tnx !