Rhino 7: Import settings

I just upgraded to V7 and as far as I can see, most of my V6 (Windows)
plugins were recognized and are available in the new version too.
Including Grasshopper. Nice.

But how can I import my menu and panel settings too?
As far as I remember, there once was an “Export Settings” function in V5,
but I cannot find anything like this in V6 (Windows).

Command names and options can change between Versions.
Lot’s of other things like that too.
It’s not reasonable to expect settings from one version to be used in a newer version.

It make far more sense to change the settings in V7 as you need them. Certainly some things will be identical, while others will require minor modifications.

Walked through this manually, ok.

But, as it seems there’s actually zero difference between v6 and v7.

Did you possibly forget to adapt the non-English localizations for Rhino 7?
I still have a “New in Version 6” tab and even the help file gives me v6 results.

I don’t see anything new here.

Rv7_1 Rv7_2

Run the SystemInfo command and post the results here.

Did you have the V7 WIP or V7 Beta installed before upgrading to V7?

I once had a 7-WIP installed about two years ago, but it crashed, so I
uninstalled it immediately.

Just discovered that the V7 installation completely shreddered my V5
and V6 UI. I had to restore these two from a backup.
It even made the V6 panels and settings appear in V5, along with the new
settings and panels I manually created for V7, as John suggested above.

Just to clarify:
The toolbar I see in V7 is exactly the one that I have in V6, but it’s pointing
to the correct directory:

... \AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\UI\default.rui

So I assume that (at least regarding the first bug) the V7 installer tried to
make things nice for me and copied, aka overwrote, its own files.

The toolbar setup (not sure what’s the English name for this menu item)
does not have any of the new panels available.
Neither the “New in V7” nor the “SubD” or anything else.

Would it make sense to try a “default.rui” file from another installation?
Would a Mac V7 one work?

Side note:
I also bought a 2nd license for a Mac version. The V7 installation made
an existing V5 (“Rhino 4 Mac”) completely unusable. Always crashed after
clicking the option menu and so I had to uninstall it.
V7 is now working, but although it has the but has all the new V7 stuff,
it also suffers from severe UI issues.

What version of Rhino V7 is now installed on your system?

Commercial 7 SR0, 2020-11-9; 7.0.20314.03001

I managed to make the original V7 toolbar working by deleting the “.rui”
file and activating the “reset to default” function.
8 hours of mods gone, but I hope that I might be able to restore some of the
settings by importing the old tool bar.

Also checked the install logs and yes - the V7 installer overwrote the files.

Definitely the worst Rhino experience I had in the last 20 years :-/

Sounds bad. That should not happen - V7 should install new files in its own directories. I have not heard of a V7 installation looking for toolbar files in a V6 UI folder - that would be bad. You can do that manually of course, but it’s not a good idea. It sounds like V7 did not install correctly as regards to directories - do your Program Files Rhino entries look like this?


and your …AppData folder like this?

In regedit, does the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McNeel\Rhinoceros\ directory look like this?


The most likely possibility here is that, since you had the WIP installed at some point, it left over the ...\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0 folder - as this does not get uninstalled when you uninstall the program. In those folders, files get left over including settings and .rui files. When the 7.0 got installed now, it kept that folder and opened the default.rui that was already there from the uninstalled WIP (without updating it). If a previous default.rui exists in that folder, Rhino is designed not to overwrite it in order not to destroy any changes that might have been made. _ToolbarReset should get you the new one.

Hmm, I assume that @brian would probably like to have a look at those.

I’d be happy to look at any files and logs you still have on your computer. It also sounds like most of them have been deleted?

It took time, but it’s all working fine now - including V5 and 6.


In retrospect, I am far more concerned about the fact that a brand new
Rhino version messes up the GUI of already installed versions.

The toolbars and panels that I manually changed in V7 appeared in V6 and V5.
How? Why?

Stupid question:
I recreated most of the UI by opening V7 and V6 (maybe sometimes even V5)
side by side, for a better overview of what commands I wanted to keep.
Are there any interprocess communications running between two different versions
or do they share any files, that are being written to?

I rarely do this, but is it safe to have multiple versions running in parallel?

Dunno, this week I’ve had V7 and V6 and also at times V5 all open doing similar things - re-creating my workspace in V7. Have seen no changes on either side affect the other.

You are absolutely certain that the different versions are not accidentally referencing the same .rui file?

Have you renamed your modified .rui in each version to something different than ‘default’ - and preferably something different for each version?