"New in V6"?

In V7, it would make sense that the tab “New in V6” was called “New in V7” ?
Wouldn’t it ?

I wouldn’t mind the typo if at least there were ONLY “New in V7” stuff in there, but instead, it’s a hodgepodge of both :

There is New in V7 toolbar.

Lucky fellow !
Well on my version it is no where to be found :

reset toolbars

You maybe need to do a ToolbarReset. (only if you’re using the default workspace though). That brought mine back.

Hi Mitch.
I did what you said, closed Rhino, and then, I got the “Update” popup, updated, re-booted… and Yay ! “New in V7” is there.
Not sure if it is due to the toolbar reset or the new version though… (maybe both ?)

Hi Olivier - that is solely due to the toolbar reset. We know that users modify the default toolbars instead of saving customized versions and, as such, we do not overwrite the default toolbars when a new version is installed.

Fair enough