Problem with the command projecting curves


  The command projecting curves I do not work, does not project the curves on the surface.
Also the only time the curve was projected, rhino gave me problems with the cut command by not performing the task of running a closed hole.
The area in question is not flat but curved.
The projected curve command does not work either with the appropriate option.
It 'a bug that only I or encountered the same problems?

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Ultra1979 - the Project command works from the current construction plane- that is the Z direction of the plane is the projection direction. Does this make sense with what you are seeing? In other words the curve itself does not determine the projection direction, only the CPlane.



Took me a while to figure this out, but try first setting the CPlane to the surface, and then project your curves onto that surface. Sure it’s an extra step or two , but also less headaches.


Thanks Pascal, I had not thought …

Ok everything works, even cutting through the projected surfaces …
I positioned the C plane by three points.
Thank you very much …

A small note, why do not these easy steps reported in the online help in the appropriate boxes advice?


In cutting a figure I have a technical problem.

Using the command creates hole, instead of the program to perform a blind hole, I creates an extrusion in both sides, ie in front of and behind the figure.
It 's normal, I’m doing something wrong?
In the first figure it all went well, a figure slightly more complex than the 4 holes have become a kind of beams.


Maybe I figured out the problem.
As the surface is thin, Rhino creates a continuation of the outer holes that are joined to the surface.
Using the command explode and erasing the extrusions, you have the holes desired, whereas with a solid surface or with thick, the holes are formed inside.
My mistake … but something tell me if I’m wrong …

(Margaret Becker) #7

In the help topic for the Project command, the second bullet note says, “The curves are projected vertical to the construction plane that is active when the surface selection is completed.” Does this information help?

What command are you using to make the hole? Perhaps you can post an example model of what you are trying to do.


hello margaret.
When the first time I wanted to project the curves on the object to be drilled, did not imagine that you had to place the object on a specific plan.
I thought rhino performed the operation in a perpendicular projecting curves on the surface in question.
Regarding the creation of the holes I use the command makehole.
Basically I was creating a cosmetic container on which I wanted to apply the slots closed as a decoration on the surface.

(Margaret Becker) #9

Maybe you need the Pull command instead of Project. Take a look at the example videos in the Help for Pull and Project to see the difference.