Projection failed

I have a site model with topography and I’m trying to Project the buildings layer onto the topography using the Project command. And I have an error message that says ‘the projection missed the selected objects.’ I have done previously the FlowAlongSrf and Rebuild commands. So I don’t know why I have this error message. Could you please help? Thanks

Make sure the Top view is active when running the Project command. The projection direction is in the Z (vertical) axis direction of the active viewport’s CPlane.

Okay, thank you. But as they’re on top of each other, I can’t make the selection of the layers for the Project command. It just selects the curve but it cannot take the buildings (I need to select the whole group on Perspective or Side view)

Once you have selected the objects, go back to the top view and left click once directly on the viewport title, or simply hold down the right mouse button with the cursor over the top view and pan a little. This will make the viewport active without removing the selection. Then Project.

You can also choose the command line option to use a Custom projection direction and in a Front or Right viewport when prompted, with Ortho on, click two points to make a vertical line.

I do it now :slight_smile: Is it normal that it takes more than an hour Projecting? it’s really long (maybe the program was not responding?)

Normal? No, probably not. How many curves are you trying to project?

When I Rebuilt, there was 99 curves…

Frozen again… it’s 1134MB size. I’ve tried to send it to you but it has been rejected

1.1 Gb is enormous for just 99 curves plus the terrain. Something seems wrong there. You would not be able to send that file anywhere, the alternative is to upload it to a site where people can get a link to download it.

What/why did you need to rebuild? What parameters did you use?

I’m new to Rhino… I have to change my site location, which is a good news :slight_smile: so I no longer need to work on this file. Thanks a lot for your help