Solidworks .SLDPRT Meaning of Import Construction Geometry?


I’m not a Solidworks user. I’m just trying to import a Solidworks .SLDPRT file.

What it means “Import construction geometry”?

  • What is imported when is off?
  • What additional content is imported when it is on?
  • Why is off by default?

Con you improve the documentation?

Thx so much!

I imagine that construction geometry will be all the 2d sketches used to construct the part… just a guess though.

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Work planes as well - I think the planes is what were messing things up -they come in as immense.


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I also open solidworks files on rhino and I need to see the construction geometries appear in rhino.

I checked the box “import a construction geometry” in the import dial box
but sketch paths are not imported.

is it possible that the correction is made for rhino 7?

Hello - I do not think Rhino has ever imported the sketch geometry. I think construction geometry refers to the planes. I’ll see if I can find out more.

If you are using SW yourself and can make a simple box with its input curve and save that off, just attach the file here and we’ll see if we can make that curve come in.


Hi, Thanks for reply.

Here is the example of a part that I usually receive, which is already drawn by the designer
it is a simple panel cut with a cnc with a line which resumes the axis of an engraving in V shape for a folding.

The panel is made this way because it is normally machined directly with solidcam which manages the 3D format.
but for my part the have to rework it in 2D for the machine it in DXF

I automated the 3D> 2D transformation step with grasshopper
however it is impossible to see these engraving lines appear.

Panel_test.SLDPRT (43.4 KB) Panel test rhino.3dm (202.2 KB)

Hi Kevin - thanks, so the rectangle and the solid are all that is in the SW file, correct?


The solid only is from the solidworks file, the rectangle is created with my grasshopper script in rhino.

each solidworks file that I receive has 1 part(it is often a simple rectangle panel), with sketch lines when I have to make an engraving on it.

My question is, in the solidworks file there is a rectangle and a solid, is that correct? I just want to confirm what is supposed to be in there so we know what to look for in reading it in.


Hi ,sorry my late response,

In the solidworks file there are only a solid a line sketches.