Solidworks fails to import

The are all sldasm Solidworks files. When I import those into Rhino using Rhino’s Solidworks importer, I get layers, but no geometry.

Thank you.

Hi Dave - are all the parts (sldprt) files available?



Here are list from two donloads from GrabCad.
First one is Solidworks for suspension assembly
Second is human ergonomic dummy for driving position.

I don’t quite understand how to import those. Beig to unitary exchange formats.

Hi @Dave_Rindner
X_T files are Parasolid files and CATpart are from Catia, I think. I don’t know if the X_T files are referenced in the SW assembly files or if the sldprt files are missing, but Rhino won’t open them. You’ll have to find SW assembly files with accompanying part files for the import to work.
HTH, Jakob

Edit Just saw that this has already been discussed and answered in another thread. Please don’t double post and waste peoples time.

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