Solidworks sldasm files don't import geometry

Solidworks sldasm files dont import geometry.

Do you have the support files?

You need to have both the .sldasm files as well as the individual .sldprt files in the same folder. Then when you import the .sldasm, it will grab all the part files and assemble them correctly in Rhino.

@Helvetosaur is correct.
SW Assembly file contain no part data, only transformations.
That’s why you need the SW Part files in the same folder as the assembly file, so there are parts to assemble.

I see that and its really

confusing me. As I get winrar folders from GrabCAD that have following listing. Two types. One is Solidworks SLDASM and other is for another project in CATIA. All SLDASM downloads from GrabCAD are like that.

Yeah, I think more recent sldasm files include the parts. Maybe we just do not not support that, I’ll ask…


I’m pretty sure SW assembly files still do not contain the part. They sometimes contain a mesh or a representation of the parts as of the last saving - you used to be able to open an assembly in edrawings viewer and view the assembly.

There’s some parasolid files (X_T) in that list at the top, can you open them?

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