SolidWorks Import request

Hi this is a request to allow inclusion of the SolidWorks file Description field into the Rhino layer naming scheme for the imported geometry.

A common file naming convention in SW world is to use a part number for the file name and the Description field for, well, a description of the part/assembly. The description can be displayed along with the file name in any file explorer dialog.

The problem we find is the imported geometry has the part/assembly number as the layer name, but no description, so there is no telling what a part is with a glance at the layer name.

If there was an option to append the description field to the file name, ala “2213-1-004_Main Finorkal” we’d be loving life over here.



Hi Eric - does the description show up anyplace at all in Rhino? Like in Notes, maybe? Probably not, but Iges does sometihng like this which we read into notes. Can you send me a simple file that has a description? At least that way I can make a bug track item that the deelopers can work with.

That said, I am not sure where the description should be - it is per file, for SW, correct? How exactly should it be applied in Rhino?


Hi Pascal,

Here’s an example, and how file explorer displays the description field.

We didn’t see the Description field in Notes in Rhino.

Ideally the layer scheme of an imported SLDASM file would be like:

2010-130-001_P1 Hard Top Assembly

2010-130—007_P1 STB side window mullion

2010-130—008_P1 STB FWD window mullion

Maybe it’s an issue peculiar to our workflow only, but I had to ask.



2010-130-011_P1.SLDPRT (82.4 KB)

Hi Eric - thanks, my guess is this is possible, maybe even easy, but our SW reader is not, I believe, our own, so it may or may not be easy in real life. But I will add it to the heap - it might even be possible to do some sort of post process, I don’t know.

@ejolley - Windows does not show me a description for this file-


SW user here… for me, under Choose Details, I have two options for ‘Description’ that can be checked.
One is blank, the other “Wire Conduit”.

And from within SW…

SW, always just making it up as they go…

Hi Tyler - thanks - maybe SW needds to be on the system… In which case I do not have a lot of hope for this feature.
I only have one Description checkbox here, and so far I do not see anything for this file.


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