STEP Import metadata

Hi everyone,

See the following example (Extract from a Step file) :

FILE_SCHEMA((‘AUTOMOTIVE_DESIGN { 1 0 10303 214 1 1 1 1 }’));

#5=PRODUCT(‘PartName’,’’, ‘Description’,(#2)) ;

It seems that rhino 7 import the “Description” field instead of the “PartName” field in a product description. I did not find a way to get “PartName” instead but it should be possible, during import rhino seems to associate “Description” to rhino object properly.

Any idea on how I could access to this data?

The Rhino object names should be coming from the STEP geometry entity names. My guess is that in your file these are the same as the Product descriptions. To verify, open your file in something like Notepad and search for the name that you are seeing. For example, if your object is a closed polysurface the name will be in the name field of a manifold_solid_brep entity or something similar.

As far as I can tell, nowhere in our code do we access the product description other than to set it to “” when exporting.

I develop in C#. It would be nice to know if there is a way to play with the step importer behaviour without recoding the whole myself.
Any leads are welcomed :slight_smile: