Layer Description Field

Hi there,

I wanted to know if Rhino layers do have a description field similar to those in AutoCAD.

If Rhino have it, then I would like how to access it with in Rhino & Grasshopper.

If not, how can they be created.

Additionally, I would like to know the way to maintain this field if in case of importing a dwg/dxf file.

Thank you in advance

There’s nothing like that I’m aware of.
If there were, how would you use it?
What problem would it solve for you?

To me none, but it’s related to a favour I´m doing for a friend of mine to create a specific algorithm in Grasshopper, and he asked me to maintain the standards that I’ve seen in the referenced dwg file

Then maybe this should be in the Developer or Grasshopper category instead.

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