Solidworks->DWG->Rhinoceros / part references


I am currently working on solidworks, creating drawings of assemblies. These drawings also include views of the parts that are in this assemblies.
After export in .dwg format, all I get is a drawing only made of curves and surfaces, references to the parts is lost.
Is there a way to export both assembly drawings and parts that are used in the same assembly, in order to keep the references in rhinoceros?
Hope it was clear enough.


That seems like a Solidworks export issue. Can you export to STP? This works well for Catia, the parts come in as named Blocks. Similar to Revit - Autocad export.

From a solidworks drawing sheet, my only export options are .dwg and .dfx, which I already tried.
Exporting one of my drawings to stp gives this:
The assembly is only 1 block


Here is what I can get, I am still not able to open the parts individually, all I can do is ‘stretching’ the parts, I can’t clic the lines inside the part.

From those screenshots I can’t really tell but it might look like that is 3D geometry that is coming in.

You can use the ExplodeBlock command to get rid of that block instance.

typically it comes in as nested blocks, so you would have your assembly level block:next level:etc.

If you post a file i can show you some options.

You can with this file, thanks

This requires the elefront plugin.

Step file (7.8 KB)

Thanks, I am acutallu using Rhino 5 (mac version), I can’t read your .gh file, would it be fine for you to make it v5 suitable ?